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Food – Music – Sports

Inspired by the dynamics of the stock exchange, Beer Market is the perfect blend of foodmusic and sports whereby drinks prices move according to demand, creating an exciting atmosphere and interactive experience. Get ready for market crashes and bull runs.

Buy Low Drink High

If this is your first time walking into our bar, here is a brief guide to surviving in Beer Market.

  1. Almost all our beers are listed on theBeer Market Exchangeaffectionately known as “BMX”. Chances are, your pick of swig is on it too.
  2. Check the TV screens round the bar. The prices of our brews are updated every half an hour. Price changes respond to demand, just like stocks. Actually, just like every other thing out there. So, the more popular the brew, the higher the price. If a brand goes for 30 minutes without a buyer, its price starts to slide.
  3. When the price drops(Red), you know it’s time to buy. When the price goes up(Green), you might want to sit out for the moment or check out other brands. (Hint: Prices bottom out when they are in White)
  4. There’s something you should watch out for – When the Market Crashes. Soaring prices means a bubble building up, and we all know what happens to bubbles. They burst. So if a beer’s price picks up fast and furious, keep the eyes peeled – the bull run may very well lead to a long-awaited crash.

So there you go. Have a good time at Beer Market, and watch out for those bull runs and market crashes.

Beer Market@Clarke Quay


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