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The brewing process


The mash is the process of activating enzymes in the grain to change starches into sugar


Boil the mixture to destroy unwanted enzymes


This is the critical time when the yeast converts the sugars into ethyl alcohol and CO2.


Allow flavours to develop further

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March 12, 2020
The many flavours of beer ( Even Coffee! ) - How to flavour your beer after the brewing process.

The majority of the flavor of beer begins with the ingredients used, the brewing process and how the beer is left to develop. But beer today comes in a variety of flavours ranging from Coffee, Rose to the harry potter's famous butterbeer. This flavouring process is not as complicated as it seems and you can […]

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February 29, 2020
The importance of payroll software for a breweries

Over many years, we have grew the team and hired many packers to pack our brewing kits in the team. We have added a total of 10 employees in the past few months and to our horror, we started spending alot more time tracking their working hours than researching on better brewing methods and delighting […]

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