BeerBeer and Breweries: What's Your Favourite? -

December 2, 2017

Beer is loved and consumed across the world and is very popular for every kind of events and
festivities. There are special times of the years across different countries that beer is being enjoyed.
Mostly served draft or in a bottle, they can be found everywhere in the world. In fact, it is so widely
consumed that it is the just behind water and tea in terms of most drank beverage. Friends,
colleagues and family love to wind down and relax over beer and snacks, a favourite pastime, or
hobby which all can accept and bond with.

The ingredients to making a good beer is very simple, brewers combine barley, water, hops and
yeast, and with some chemistry knowledge and a reliable brewing method, the world’s favourite
beverage is made. It is not as simple as mixing them in a brewing pot and here comes the beer. The
alcohol content in the beer is derived because the yeast is allowed to live and multiply. And the
fermentable sugars are converted from Barley.

Commercial breweries uses modern techniques and complex equipment to support these
biochemical reactions because there are hundreds of variables that will affect how each batch of
beer will turn out. And the taste and preference of the audience are taken into serious consideration
into the production of beer in major commercial breweries.

The alcohol that exists in beer comes from fermentation process, which converts glucose into ethyl
alcohol and carbon dioxide, which gives the gas and fizziness that makes you head to the nearby bar
and sink yourself into the pint of beer.

The storage of beer is also of paramount importance to maintain the quality and longevity of the
beer – this have a direct correlation on the quality of the beer. Stray yeast and oxygen are
deliberately kept away from beer inventory. The bottling and keg process is important so that beers
that are produced are kept as fresh and untouched as possible, in chemistry terms.
The major beer companies and breweries are big and beers are almost ordered by company name.
We have all heard of Budweiser, Heineken, Corona, Guinness, Carlsberg, and more. Budweiser is
known for its smoothness and lightness of the beer. Heineken is commented and known to best
drink chilled. Some even say you are not a man until you drink a Guinness. How about Carlsberg for
your summer party. There is certainly a beer for every single occasion. Birthdays, parties, holidays,
after meals, evening in the bar, dinner with the in laws, or something to drown yourself out after
falling out of love.

Beer has been around since 5000 years ago, where brewery methods were more primitive and basic,
but human has a deep relation with this beverage, and it cannot be substituted by any other. It goes
in any occasion, and easy to match with any kinds of food. Beer is also an inexpensive drink to enjoy,
so let’s head down to your nearest pub and drink up!