February 29, 2020

The importance of payroll software for a breweries

Over many years, we have grew the team and hired many packers to pack our brewing kits in the team.

We have added a total of 10 employees in the past few months and to our horror, we started spending alot more time tracking their working hours than researching on better brewing methods and delighting our customers.

That is why I think any business, whether you own a brewery or not, should have a proper payroll software in place.

Click the following link for my payroll software recommendation.

Here are two reason to have a payroll software:

Saves time.

It saves time for you to focus on the things that you should be doing most in your business. Tracking an employee's payroll and making sure you pay them on time is not that.

Payroll work isn't necessary and should be left to software automation.

Save money.

When you have a software tracking everything in place, you can make sure that you are paying the right amount without a HR administrator. For a small company like us, hiring a HR person will set us back at least $2,500 per month compared to just $100 on a software.

You can better spend this money on hiring a dedicated HR manager to improve the work culture and better spent time on improving employee welfare than just calculating payroll.

I hope this tip is helpful for the follow business owners in our customer base, happy brewing!

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the software company we have recommended, this is purely an unbiased user review and we do not get commissions for any purchase you make through our link.